Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Central Vacuum Hoses Explained

Many people think their central vacuum hose is brand specific, but the truth is most of them aren't, you just need to know what to look for. Buying a new central vacuum hose can be confusing if you are not familiar with the terminology. This article is meant to provide you with all you need to know when purchasing a new hose.To start I will explain the different types of hoses that are available.

Air Hoses
The air only hose is exactly what it's name says it is, a hose that provides suction only. Air hoses do not include an on/off switch and the suction is activated right when you plug it into the inlet. These hoses also do not have the electrical capabilities needed to operate an electric power brush. Air hoses are fairly inexpensive and are compatible with any central vacuum system inlet. Air hoses are primarily used as utility hoses and are great for garages, kitchens, laundry rooms and more. Click to view Air Hoses.

Low Voltage Hoses

Low voltage hoses are similar to Air Hoses in the fact that they provide suction only and do not provide the electrical capabilities for electric power brushes. Low voltage hoses do however, feature an on/off switch at the handle which allows you to turn the suction on and off. These hoses are compatible with any central vacuum system inlet and are great if you have air driven (non-electric) cleaning attachments. Click to view Low Voltage Hoses.

Electric Hoses
Electric hoses are probably the most common central vacuum hose. As the name states, Electric hoses include electricity, which provides power for an electric power brush. Most electric hoses feature a three way switch at the handle that allows you to turn the electric power brush, as well as the suction. There are two types of electric hose wall end connections, Direct Connect and Universal Connect. Click to view Electric Hoses.

  • Direct Connect: This hose end, also known as "dual-volt," has two small pins that carry current through the hose to the electric power brush. This hose is only compatible with electrified inlets, also known as Super Valves.(see picture below, Left).
  • Universal Connect: This hose end, also called "pigtail connection," features a cord that plugs into a 110 electrical outlet separately to provide electricity for the power brush. (see picture below, Right).

Power Brush Wand Connection
After you have decided which hose type you need, there is one additional connection that must be considered. If you are purchasing an air hose or low voltage hose you do not have to worry about the upper wand power brush connection, this only applies to electric hoses and electric power brushes. If you are purchasing an electric hose, you will want to make sure it will be compatible with the power brush you have or are going to purchase. The upper wand connection is the connection point of the hose and the wand of the power brush. There are several different types of upper wand connections and some are brand specific, so it is important that you verify the connection. Below are images of the most common upper wand connections.

Plastiflex Upper Wand Connection

Cen-Tec 3200 Series Upper Wand Connection

Cen-Tec XZ Series Upper Wand Connection

If you have any questions regarding central vacuum hoses, give us a call, we'll help you get the hose you need!

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