Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Floor Brush That Works

During my many years of using a central vacuum system I have used a variety of hard surface floor tools. Some were better than others, but they all seemed to have a common flaw in the design of the brush. I often found myself sweeping the dirt and debris around, and it wasn't until I lifted the floor brush up and placed it on top of the debris that I was able to pick it up. Another problem with some floor brushes are the materials they are made of. Some cheap floor brushes have bristles made of materials that can scratch hardwood floors and tiles. Also, many have cheap bristles that bend over use and become unusable.

If you want a durable floor brush that works and won't scratch your hard surface flooring, look no further than Cen-Tec System's 12" floor brush. This innovative new brush features a 12" cleaning path with raised brushes in the front. The raised front edge of the brush allows you to swallow the debris, rather than sweeping it around. The bristels are made of high quality fill that won't bend with use and the soft bristles glide effortlessly so there is no risk of damage to your flooring. Out of all of the hard surface floor brushes I have used this is by far the best! If you' re tired of sweeping stuff around or damaging your floors, take a look at the the new Cen-Tec 12" floor brush.

Purchase the Cen-Tec 12" Floor Brush


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